The US Army is dedicating millions of research dollars into discovering building helmets to allow soldiers to telepathically communicate with one another on the battlefield.美军于是以投放数百万美元研究经费,研制“读心头盔”,使士兵在战场上可以通过心灵感应展开交流。The technology, which seems like something out of a science fiction novel, would use electrodes to pick up code words that soldiers were thinking.这种技术看起来源于科幻小说,将用于电极来搜集士兵思维时的脑电波代码。

Those codewords would then be transmitted back to a computer where the soldiers position and message-telling, for instance, that it is safe to progress towards a target- which would be transmitted to their peers in the field.随后这些代码被传输返计算机,计算机不会将士兵的方位和信息传输给战场上的其他士兵,比如,朝某个目标前进是安全性的等指令。The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was established in 1958 and was dedicated to expanding the Department of Defense technology usage, some of which included state-of-the-art, and top secret, research into the mind.美国国防科研尖端项目署于1958年正式成立,致力于推展国防部的技术应用于,其中还包括近期水平的、最机密的“读心术”。

Based largely out of University of California-Irvine, in conjunction with labs in Philadelphia and Maryland, scientists are trying to improve so-called synthetic telepathy so that it could be used in a battlefield.这项研究工作主要由美国加州大学欧文分校负责管理,费城和马里兰州的一些实验室也参予其中。科学家企图改良所谓的“综合读心术”,这样就能应用于在战场了。At this point, they have set their sights on 2017 as the year when their plan may turn into silent action.目前,他们的目标是在2017年构建这一计划。

So far, 45 percent of the commands that are transmitted from one volunteer to another- like call in helicopter or enemy ahead- are correct. That statistic is expected to improve.目前,从一个受试者传送给另一个受试者的指令中,有45%是准确的,比如“开会直升机”或者“前方有敌人”等等。这一正确率还有待提升。According to a soldier quoted in Stars and Stripes, the military newspaper, many of those people who will be the ones utilizing the technology are on board.美军报纸《星条旗报》援引一位士兵的话说道,应用于这一技术的人很多不会是飞行员。

Others, including civil rights activists, take the opposite view, bringing up concerns about a possible infringement on civil liberties if the technology were to be misused.而其他人,还包括一些民权活动人士,却所持忽略的观点。他们担忧如果这一技术被欺诈,有可能侵害到公民自由。