Its no secret plenty of shoppers go to IKEA just to eat the meatballs – but the furniture giant has announced some more bizarre cafeteria creations.很多消费者去宜家家居仅仅为了更好地不吃肉丸子,这不是什么秘密了,但这个家俱大佬公布了几种更为奇怪的菜式。The Dogless Hotdog, a creation made with dried baby carrots and a bun made of micro-algae, The Bug Burger – a burger made from mealworms and the Neatball, also made from mealworms are a few of the new items added to the menu.一种用吹干的小胡萝卜和用微藻保证的吐司面包制成的没腊肠的热狗香肠,用面包虫制成的虫汉堡包和肉丸子是菜单上的几类新产品。

The company announced a secret lab in Copenhagen known as Space10 which develops new dishes.这个企业宣布,位于斯特拉斯堡的秘密实验室Space10产品研发出拥有新的菜式。The Dogless Hotdog, The Bug Burger, The Neatball – both a variety made from mealworms and another from vegetables, the LOKAL salad made from microgreens and Microgreen ice cream are the dishes they tried.她们试着产品研发了用蔬菜水果制成的没腊肠的热狗香肠,用面包虫制成的虫汉堡包和没肉的肉丸子,及其用小型蔬菜水果制成的夜店水果沙拉和冰激凌。The lab wrote on blogging site: At SPACE10, our research is rooted in an important principle. Dishes shouldn’t just be healthy or sustainable. They must be delicious, too.该试验室在个人博客上提到:“在Space10大家的科学研究根据一项最重要的标准。

产品研发菜式不理应只充分考虑身心健康或不损坏生物的多样性,他们还要美味可口。To change peoples minds about food, to inspire them to try new ingredients, we can’t just appeal to the intellect?—?we have to titillate their taste buds.为了更好地变化大家对食材的意识,期待她们试着新的食物,我们无法只去更有读书人,我们要性兴奋她们的味觉。

Which is why weve been working with our chef to come up with dishes that look good, taste good, and are good for people and planet.这就是为何我们在与大厨师联合开发看上去不错,不吃着也美味可口,并且对人们和地球上都是有好处的菜式。Its time, then, to put some of those dishes on the menu?—?starting with a take on our favourite fast-food.现在是时候把一部分菜式加上菜单到了,再次从大家最爱的中式快餐刚开始。

”They added to the post the dishes were fresh from the test kitchen, so to not expect them on IKEAs menu any time soon.她们在贴子上补充道,这种菜式刚出有试验餐厅厨房,因此不必期待最近就能在宜家家居的菜单上见到。