Apple has posted a record third quarter as soaring demand for iPhones sent profits higher.The technology giant sold 47.5 million iPhones in the quarter, up 35% on a year ago, with Mac computer sales up 9% to 4.8 million.由于对苹果手机市场需求增高,苹果公司第三季度盈利刷新纪录。本季度,该行业巨头售出4750万苹果手机,销量比去年快速增长了35%,苹果电脑销量为480万,快速增长了9%。The performance resulted in what chief executive Tim Cook called an amazing quarter. Profits rose by 38% to $10.7bn , while revenue was up 33% to $49.6bn. Despite the strong results, shares fell 6.7% to $121.89 in after-market trading in New York.因本季度业绩好,苹果首席执行官Tim Cook将其称作“让人惊讶的一季度”。盈利减少了38%,升到107亿美元,收益下降了33%,减少至496亿美元。

但是尽管业绩较好,纽约后市股票仍暴跌了6.7%,撤职121.89美元。Demand for its iPad tablets remained weak, with Apple selling 10.9 million, down 18% from a year earlier. But Mr Cook also said the Apple Watch had had a great start. The Apple boss said last autumn that he did not want to reveal detailed figures for the watch to avoid giving competitors inside information.对苹果平板电脑的市场需求仍然低迷,销量为1090万,与一年前比起,上升了18%。但是Cook先生回应,苹果手表“开端较好”。该总裁去年秋天回应不愿透漏过多有关苹果手表的明确数字,以防止竞争者提供内部信息。

But Apple said that revenue from other products, which includes the watch as well as products such as the iPod, came to $2.6bn – about $952m higher than the previous quarter.Sales of the watch in the first nine weeks had exceeded those of both the iPhone and iPad after they were first launched.但是苹果公司回应来自“其他产品”的收益高达26亿美元,比上季度减少了九亿五千二百万美元,其中还包括苹果手表、以及诸如iPod等产品。苹果手机发售的前9周内,其销售额多达了苹果手机和苹果平板电脑。

Apple also continued to do well in the China market.Sales doubled year-on-year and accounted for more than a quarter of the company’s total third-quarter sales.The jump should help to reassure investors that demand in China remains robust despite fears the market is close to saturation point.苹果产品在中国的销量年年上升,占到苹果公司第三季度销售额的四分之一。这之后避免了一些投资者的顾虑,他们担忧中国市场早已相似饱和状态,但中国市场的市场需求依然维持强大。


But Colin Gillis, an analyst, told the BBC that the firm’s complete dependence on iPhone sales and growth in China was still a concern. Look at the PC market. People ask if that could ever happen to smartphones. Of course it could. And there are risks associated with its dependence on China, he said.但是分析师Colin Gillis拒绝接受BBC专访时回应,苹果手机的销量几乎倚赖中国市场依然是个问题。“想到私人电脑市场,人们就不会回答智能手机市场否也不会这样?答案是认同的。几乎倚赖中国市场就不会有很多冒险因素。”However, Mr Gillis said that investors should put the results into perspective.Overall the results are stunning – it’s made $10bn in profit. But Apple is an outlier in many metrics, so you need to look at the performance relative to expectations, he said.Gillis先生回应,投资者应该准确检视所获得的业绩。