The SpareOne mobile phone is absolutely unique running on one AA battery, it keeps its charge for up to 15 years.待机时间超长的节约一号手机十分独有:只需一节AA电池,就能维持电量长达15年。It has no camera, web browser or other hi-tech extras such as touchscreens.这款手机没摄像头、网络浏览器、或者触摸屏等高科技可选设备。Its designed simply to work as a phone and built to last.手机只设计了通话等最基本功能,最大限度地缩短待机时间。

The phone goes on sale on March 15, priced at 60 in the UK and $70 in the US.这款手机订于3月15日发售,在英国的售价60英镑,在美国售价70美元。The phone is designed as a backup phone you can keep in the glove compartment for emergencies.这款手机是作为可用手机设计的,你可以把它放到汽车储物箱里应急。


The idea is that you can keep it there without worrying if its charged or not.创新之处就在于,你可以把它放到那里,不必担忧是不是电。Many modern mobiles will lose their charge over time, even if switched off.很多现在的手机不管是不是关着机,时间幸了都会损失电量。

Its makers say that SpareOne is ideal to leave in the car for emergencies, or to pack in travel luggage especially if you or your loved ones plan to go off the beaten track (or offpiste).制造商称之为,节约一号放到车里应急用,或者放进旅行包再行理想不过了,尤其是你和心爱的人要去较为偏远的地方时(或者去野外滑雪)。The SpareOne can be preprogrammed for instant access to phone numbers of key contacts, including the relevant emergency services in any location.人们还可以通过原作节约一号的程序,使其需要立刻接上应急联系人,还包括在任何地点接上涉及的应急服务。

That single battery offers a talk time of up to 10 hours.单块电池的最久通话时间平均10小时。As the phones developer, XPAL Power, says: Its essentially designed to make and receive the most important calls, no matter what.手机制造商XPAL能量公司回应:这款手机本质上是用来接打最重要的电话的,不管是什么。

The SpareOnes is also able to automatically transmit its location via its mobile ID, plus has a builtin torch.这款手机还可以通过手机ID自动发送到方位信息,此外还有一个内置电筒。