Salty water just below the surface of Mars could hold enough oxygen to support the kind of microbial life that emerged and flourished on Earth billions of years ago, researchers reported last Monday.科学研究工作人员上星期一汇报称作,火星土层下的食盐水有可能有着必须维持微生物生命的充足co2,而这种微生物曾在十亿年以前在地球上子孙后代生存。

可穿戴式设备虽有戏 健康腕带追踪时代或将衰落:5U体育官网

The news broke on a recent Friday night: Nike Fires Majority of FuelBand Team, Will Stop Making Wearable Hardware. It was a shock to just about anyone who had bought, worked on, wrote about, or invested in the white-hot category called wearables.不久前的一个周五晚上传出了一个重大新闻:耐克公司(Nike)炒掉了FuelBand团队的大部分成员,将暂停生产可穿着设备。


Since the early days of the video game industry, consoles have ruled the home. Companies like Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft MSFT -1.11% thrived by building closed ecosystems that developers could creates games over the course of five to 10 years before a new, more powerful box entered the market and the cycle began all over again. But ever since the introduction of smartphones from companies like Apple AAPL -1.31% , Nokia, Samsung, LG, Google and Amazon AMZN -1.02% , video game creators have flocked to these powerful mobile devices and an entire ecosystem of small and independent development studios have flourished (also in part thanks to the digital distribution networks on new consoles from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft).自视频游戏业发展早期开始,游戏机就支配了千家万户。